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Get Ready For The Ride Of Your Life Our mascots?

Don't just take our word for it!  Here you'll find some of the incredible reviews Rocket: Robot on Wheels has received but you can also download MPEG movies and see for yourself!  Or read on:

Whoopie World, earth's greatest amusement park is ready to open tomorrow.  What's this?  Second-banana park mascot Jojo the Raccoon has gone nuts!  He's taken over the amusement park!

Can Rocket, a maintenance robot for Whoopie World, save the day?  Rocket is a one wheeled hero with cool moves like a Rocket Powered Double Jump and Tractor Beam.  

Our heroTo save the day he'll need to discover and master the 7 insane vehicles hidden in the park, and collect all the tickets that Jojo has stolen!  Along the way Rocket will have to use his Tractor Beam, swing from trees and handles, battle enemies, and work his way through countless traps and challenges. 

Seven huge worlds of mini-games and amusement park excitement!

Build your own roller coaster!  Include as many spirals and loop-de-loops as you can stomach!

Upgrade Rocket's tractor beam to support long range Grapple and Freeze moves!

Fun Physics game engine makes boxes, sheep, vehicles and characters all move with amazing realism

Did we mention the 7 incredible vehicles? 

On this site you can check out the graphics, see some of the incredible vehicles, and read the rave reviews Rocket: Robot on Wheels is getting. See for yourself why Rocket: Robot on Wheels is the most amazing Nintendo adventure ever!