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inFAMOUS Wins IGN's "Best Story" and GameSpot's "Best Original IP" Best of 2009 Awards

inFAMOUS wins awards for "Best Story" from IGN, and "Best Original IP" from GameSpot. Read about each award from the links below.

IGN Story Link

"The sandbox genre has been aching for a decent superhero story, and in 2009, Sucker Punch delivered an outstanding one with inFAMOUS.  A bomb has gone off in Empire City; it's killed thousands, given you superpowers, and led to the island's quarantine. Do you save the day or rule what's left?"


Postmortem:  Behind The Making Of Sucker Punch's inFAMOUS

The latest issue of Gamasutra sister publication Game Developer magazine includes a postmortem of Sucker Punch's inFAMOUS, written by studio co-founder Chris Zimmerman.

Excerpts to the article can be read here!  Please make sure to pick up the latest issue of Game Developer, Cole on front cover, to read the entire article with pictures.


G-Phoria Awards inFAMOUS Action Game Of The Year

(UPDATE) G-Phoria announced inFAMOUS won Action Game of the Year.

First nominations are in with inFAMOUS receiving four from G-Phoria (G4TV) including Game Of The Year.

G-Phoria is upon us inFAMOUS fans, and voting has begun in 4 nominated categories, from the vaunted Game of the Year to Best New Character, Best Soundtrack, and Best Action game.


inFAMOUS Arrives on PlayStation Home

Sony launched the inFAMOUS game space on PlayStation Home.  Called The Abandoned Docks of Empire City, you can use the included graffiti tools to create your own art and display it to your friends, and there's also a new mini-game called Reaper Shock.

For more information read the PS Blog and IGN story!!!


inFAMOUS Soundtrack & Comic Released 

The official soundtrack for inFAMOUS is now available on iTunes here! Featuring 20 tracks from acclaimed composers Amon Tobin, Jim Dooley, JD Mayer, and Mel Wesson, the inFAMOUS soundtrack is a must-own for every fan.  For an inside look at the inFAMOUS music, check out Jonathan Mayer's blog post here.  You can find a review of the soundtrack here.  And finally, if you are still not convinced, you can listen to a few tracks... Silent Melody, Genesis Sample, Alden Strikes.


inFAMOUS Resource Center

From official strategy guides to blog posts to online game guides, there's a lot of inFAMOUS-related content being released.  And keeping track of it all can be a pretty big job, which is why we created this resource center.  Now remember, some links may contain spoilers... such as blast shard and dead drop locations, trophy and stunt list and even story reveals.  Now back to playing the game.

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Launch Centers on IGN and GameSpot

    Check out the inFAMOUS Launch Centers featured on IGN and GameSpot!

Check Out The inFAMOUS Official Game Page

Check out the inFAMOUS official game page and all the interactive content!

inFAMOUS Downloads

Prequel Comic                What happened in the two weeks before the mysterious explosion leveled six blocks of Empire City            
Soundtrack                    The official soundtrack for inFAMOUS is now available on iTUNES featuring Amon Tobin among others
Fan Kit                             Download art, movies, screens and a host of other cool items. It's one-stop shopping for inFAMOUS

inFAMOUS Videos

Commercial                               30 second commercial featuring Cole shown throughout the U.S.

Duality                                           Cole struggles between the moral choices of being good vs. evil

Power Trip                                   Go on a power trip while exploring the open world, Empire City

Beauty of Powers             Powers in inFAMOUS and a few combination moves are on display

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