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inFAMOUS World Tour Cont'd


After giving Nate some time to recover from Leipzig, it was time for our hometown show, PAX. This was our first consumer-based show, and the turnout was incredible. The guys at PAX put on a great show year after year, and we're so glad that it's in our backyard. (And if you've never gone, you should make plans right now to attend next year's show.)

For PAX, we gave four intimate, on-stage demos to standing-room only crowds. This was the first time that inFamous wasn't "behind closed doors", and we loved meeting with gamers and getting their reactions to the game. There's a direct feed of our PAX demo linked below, so be sure to check it out.


The final leg of our tour was the Tokyo Game Show. This is the mother of all gaming events, and there's nothing quite like it. For TGS, we debuted a new mission called "Blood Trail" that featured Cole "reading" the thoughts of a dead woman (an ability we call post-cognition) and then chasing after a ghost-like apparition. We also rolled out new screens and video showcasing plenty of combat.

We've been working on inFAMOUS for quite awhile now, and it's great to see the game receive such a wonderful response from the press and fans. We can't wait to show you more of the game in the coming months!



PAX On Stage Demo

Gamespot On-the-Spot Interview


1UP-Thierry Nguyen inFamous (PS3) Previews

“We've always liked Sucker Punch's games, and it's nice to see what the team can do when you remove the all-ages animal/mascot platforming aesthetics and let it loose in creating a more "unhinged" game, so to speak. Plus, it's just plain cool to see an all-out brawl between an electricity-wielding badass and goons who use guns, grenades, and fire superpowers.”

The Escapist-Susan Arendt TGS 2008: Preview: Infamous

Destructoid-Nick Chester TGS 08: A look at Sucker Punch's open-world superhero PS3 exclusive, Infamous

“Without a doubt, Infamous looks to be a far cry from Sucker Punch's Sly Cooper titles, but is looking every bit as polished and unique. We're definitely interested in seeing more as we lead up to Infamous' 2009 release.”

G4TV-Infamous: All Access (Video)

Game Pro-Chris Morell inFamous: the electric playground

“inFamous releases next year, so the team still has months to go with this promising new PS3 game. But for now, it looks as if it could be a gem for Sony in 2009.”

Game Spot -Alex Sassoon TGS 2008: Infamous Updated Impressions

“The brief, full-on fight between Cole and this elite reaper was probably the highlight of the demo, showcasing the versatility of the combat and the superficial destructibility of the environment.”

Game Spy-Sterling McGarvey and Gabe Graziani inFamous (PS3)

Giant Bomb-Brad Shoemaker Sony Gets inFamous at TGS

IGN-Ryan Clements TGS 2008: Infamous Update

“Although I've never been terribly excited about Infamous, seeing the game in person definitely has me excited now. I'm curious as to how the title will look once Sucker Punch begins polishing the overall experience.”

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"It looks fantastic"

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