Sucker Punch Productions

Second Son Fan Kit:  Key Art, Wallpapers, Ringtone and more!

We have been absolutely thrilled to see and hear the response to the launch of Second Son via Twitter, Facebook and/or forums.  We've seen some amazing #PS4share and Easter egg screen shots... keep them coming.  As a thank you to you all, we've collected some Second Son assets into a kit and posted on our website for all to use.

You'll find the download link to the kit on our Second Son page here on our website   It is located at top of the "downloads" module in the right column.

Included in the kit will be renders and wallpapers of our main characters.  Artwork perfect to reference for cosplay in your future. Even a reference of Delsin's tattoo... not that we are saying to get your own :)  Delsin's beanie, DUP signage, 2d cutscene artwork, and much more!

Oh and that ringtone that you all have been wanting... we have it in every major format!