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PlayStation 4 Developers: The Shape Of Things to Come

Hi, PlayStation fans! I’ve been looking forward to this day for quite some time. It’s true, PlayStation 4 is coming! I hope you enjoyed watching our PlayStation Meeting live on PlayStation.Blog (you can watch it here if you missed it) and getting a sneak peek at the future of PlayStation gaming: Watch_Dogs, Killzone: Shadow Fall, inFAMOUS: Second Son, and many more. Are you as excited as I am?!


PlayStation 4 will be incredibly powerful but elegant and easy to use, empowering game developers to create innovative gaming experiences we can only begin to imagine. As we prepared for today’s PlayStation Meeting, we asked some of the top game designers in the world to share their inspirations and ambitions for PlayStation 4. Please watch the video below to see the shape of things to come.



Second Son Downloads

New inFAMOUS First Light Trailer Revealed
inFAMOUS First Light standalone DLC coming to PSN in August
Delsin items including a ringtone, DUP Branding, Renders, Wallpapers & more!
inFAMOUS Second Son reveals a new protagonist in Delsin Rowe set in Seattle
Take Flight with Delsin as he revels in the mastery of his powers
Meet Fetch a superpowered conduit that has NEON powers!
inFAMOUS Second Son reveals a new power... Neon!
30 seconds of action packed gameplay!
1:35 featuring the extended cut of our Live Action Commercial
Get the inside scoop of some of the new tech within Second Son!
Smoke as a power.  Why we think it is cool and why you will have fun!
See how Second Son uses the new DUALSHOCK 4 to full advantage!
Bringing the inFAMOUS city to liife.
We explore the advanced audio design of Second Son
GDC 2014 Presentation by Adrian Bentley (PDF)
GDC 2014 Presentation by Spencer Alexander (PDF)
GDC 2014 Presentation by Matt Vainio (PowerPoint ~650MB)
GDC 2014 Presentation by Bill Rockenbeck (PowerPoint ~500MB)
Pre-order now and receive these four exclusive skins for Delsin!
Here is a glimpse of screenshot and various art to excite you!

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