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From official strategy guides to blog posts to online game guides, there's a lot of inFAMOUS-related content being released.  And keeping track of it all can be a pretty big job, which is why we created this resource center.  Now remember, some links may contain spoilers... such as blast shard and dead drop locations, trophy and stunt list and even story reveals.  Now back to playing the game.

Overall game guides:

Official inFAMOUS guide from Future press:  A link to the order form for the official inFAMOUS guide.

IGN game guide:  Total game guide with walkthrough, maps, etc. 

Gamespot game guide:  Total game guide with walkthrough, maps, etc. game guide (Associated with  Game guide with walkthrough and maps. Work in progress. page:  Please keep in mind this is a user written faqs for inFAMOUS and may not represent Sucker Punch thoughts.  But gamefaqs is a popular site, in the Gamespot family. 

Specific links inside each guide:


Blast shards on IGN:  Eventually will have info on the location of all the blast shards. Currently just Island 1. 

Blast shards on Gamespot:  Looks like they have all of them, this is the first page of several with pictures of their locations. 

Dead drops on Gamespot:  Same as for the blast shards. Pictures showing the location of all the dead drops. 

Dead drops on IGN:  Not complete yet either. Maps with the locations of Dead drops. 

Playstation blog posts:

7-11 promotion for a poster. 

Post about the music of inFAMOUS. 

Post about inFAMOUS release. 

Livechat with Nate and David Meyer.

First panel of the comic as well as info about movie trailer commercial. 

Interview with CZ.

Interview with Bruce. 

Power Trip trailer. 

Post from Chris Heidorn about stunts. 

Post about going gold from Brian. 



Launch Centers on IGN and GameSpot

    Check out the inFAMOUS Launch Centers featured on IGN and GameSpot!

Check Out The inFAMOUS Official Game Page

Check out the inFAMOUS official game page and all the interactive content!

inFAMOUS Downloads

Prequel Comic                What happened in the two weeks before the mysterious explosion leveled six blocks of Empire City            
Soundtrack                    The official soundtrack for inFAMOUS is now available on iTUNES featuring Amon Tobin among others
Fan Kit                             Download art, movies, screens and a host of other cool items. It's one-stop shopping for inFAMOUS

inFAMOUS Videos

Commercial                               30 second commercial featuring Cole shown throughout the U.S.

Duality                                           Cole struggles between the moral choices of being good vs. evil

Power Trip                                   Go on a power trip while exploring the open world, Empire City

Beauty of Powers             Powers in inFAMOUS and a few combination moves are on display

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